Compile Yi with Pango

By default Yi doesn’t compile Pango frontend, only vty (and “batch”, whatever it is). To compile Pango with stack (btw, use stack, as it would remove some problems; also stack install rebuilds faster, then cabal install does), execute in the yi directory:

$ stack init
$ stack install --flag yi:pango

Then, to run the editor with Pango frontend:

$ stack exec yi -- -f pango

P.S.: There’s annoying thing, that in Vim’s normal mode the cursor — the Pango frontend problem — is not a big black box. It’s the problem, specific to GTK2-3, it just didn’t have an API to make such a cursor. Technically, there’s a workaround to enable “insert” mode, i.e. like if one would press “Insert” key. The first time when I met the editor, I tried to fix this bug as part of a student paper, but didn’t manage to go so far as to finally get it fixed. I did much tho, and wrote on IRC about it, but peoples there wasn’t interested. Granted, I ought to at least report a bug. Well, let’s see what can I do today.

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